Studying Video Design for Live Performance

  • Not sure how many on here know already but I have written a new BA (Hons) degree called Video Design for Live Performance.

    It is starting this september at The Guildhall School (for those that don't know Guildhall is one of the most prestigious conservatories in the world specialising in vocational training in the performing arts).
    Isadora is a huge part of our curriculum! So students will be learning the software in DEPTH!
    If you know anyone who might be interested in studying at an amazing school in an amazing city (London) to then go on to have an amazing career (graduates now work at D3, Hippo, 59 Productions, have many shows on the west end and touring all over the world doing gigs like NYE in London, Olympics opening ceremony etc., winning Olivier Awards etc. etc.) Please let them know about this course.
    Deadline for applications is the start of May - so act now!
    thanks guys!
    links below
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  • Izzy Guru

    Would just like to add that I have worked with many of Dan's students on a number of large scale projects and they were/are all amazing. I'd have them on my team any day!

  • @danshorten two of my BTEC Tech Theatre students have applied for this course - 2015 / 2016 entry.

    I'll certainly be making other students aware of it for next year. I think I could do with applying as well!

  • Man, I wish I could go to school again. Sounds very relaxing compared to making the software that the students are using. ;-) Anyway, program looks good and @danshorten definitely knows his stuff.

    Dan, remind me and I'll share this on FB.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks everyone!

    @paz what are their names? 
    Have they actually submitted applications yet or working on them?
    Where do you teach?

  • @danshorten - applications submitted, interview dates arranged!

    I teach at Leeds City College - I'm in the process of getting to grips with Isadora before introducing it in class. The students currently use ArKaos and QLab3 for video.
    Maybe next year you could visit whilst the students are making their choices and provide more details?
  • Tech Staff

    I wish I could...

    can just never learn enough.
    Any scholarships for foreign students ?
  • Beta Platinum

    Same question here, how about foreign students?

  • @DusX & @feinsinn

    There are some scholarships but I don't think they are 'FULL'.
    We do (at the school generally) have many foreign student since we attract students from all over the world. I am going to Italy this weekend to do some recruitment last wee my boss was in USA to do recruitment there. SO it is definitely possible/common for overseas students to study with us.
    But I am not sure about costs. But if you are serious about it the you will be able to find out here  or
    If you want any detail/help/information and you cant find it there let me know and I'll find the right person at the school to ask.
    There are also postgraduate options and will eventually (maybe in two/three years) be an MA in video design.