Mac Pro (Round) -> Six Outputs. How?

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    I'm posting this request on a behalf of someone who emailed me via tech support, because I don't know the exact answer.

    I believe @Fubbi knows the answer to this because he's done it, but I'm throwing this out to the community: how can you use Isadora's full six output capability on the new Mac Pro? If I remember correctly, it required several adapters to achieve this, but it was in fact possible.

    Thank you for the help!

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  • Izzy Guru


    You can output 6 VGA signals with the normal miniDisplay Port to VGA adapter.
    If you want to go the digital way DVI/HDMI and you use the normal miniDisplay Port to DVI adapters you can only output two signals, if you are using the hdmi for your control screen there is only one miniDisplay Port to DVI left to use. If you want to use more your need a Mini DisplayPort Dual-Link-DVI adapter for $99 for each output.

    This is really weard the Mac Pro can only output 2 with the simple adapters but the MacBook Pro Retina can output 3 digital outputs, one via HDMI and two via Thunderbolt connections.

    Best Michel

  • from what i understood you can use cheaper active displayport -> dvi / hdmi adapter // amd eyefinty compatible ones

  • Izzy Guru

    I looked around a bit and found this at Amazon it has a long cable, the short ones can be quite problematic, they say it works:_

    For guaranteed compatibility with virtually any Mini DisplayPort output the active Mini DP to DVI adapter supports multimode (DP++) as well as single-mode DisplayPort signals. Unlike passive adapters, this ensures the MDP2DVIMM6BS can be used with graphics cards that are not capable of outputting multimode DP++ signals, such as ATI Eyefinity cards._

    I think I will order a few of them and then report back if they work.

    Best Michel

  • can also go digital via displayport without activ adapter - i have a setup - 5 minidisplayport to displayport adapter - 10m displayport cable (in my case 10m is enough) conected to 5 monitor with displayport inputs

    also this Zotac dual hdmi adapter (dual head to go for cheap) looks interesting - it seems to be activ - fubbi told me from a guy which get 10 fullHD output  with 5 of this adapters from one macpro

    ciao Bodo

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    Wow 10 outputs!

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    I just got a Mac Pro, and so I've been looking into similar things.

    The [busses]( are something that you'd have to keep in mind, I imagine.
    Also I don't know if the person you are asking for is running bootcamp, but if they are, [this]( might be helpful.

  • I have used all 6 mini display to HDMI. 5 for stages and 1 for the interface. It was the new Mac Pro and 6 active pig tail adapters from I was only changing pics/stills to them so I'm not sure how it would perform with video. On the computer side it gets a little strange with all the desktops. Some times it'll change them around on it's own when turning the computer on and off. Even unplugging a monitor can cause things to move around. But it worked!

  • Izzy Guru

    I received THESE cables I mentioned above and they work without any problems on a new Mac Pro. I first ordered 4 to test them and today I ordered 4 more.

    Best Michel