Arduino capacitor sensor driving a video

  • Hi, Im new to ISADORA..and love its potential.. I am looking for help in regards to an installation project.I have set up a capacitor  touch sensor interface  through arduino into isadora, which is working beautifully  with serial in watcher and  limit scale value to turn off and on the video projection. (when you touch the capacitor sensor interface with your hand the video begins to play) My question is, if a person lets go of the sensor interface half way through the movie,(movie stops, thats no problem)  **but how do I get the video to jump back to the beginning of the video clip  straight away?  Any help would be kindly appreciated.. **

  • Tech Staff

    when you get the trigger that stops the movie, you also need to set its position to 0.

  • @DusX is right, but to be more specific use a Trigger Value actor, with the value set to 0, and then connect its output to the 'position' input on the Movie Player.

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  • Hi thanks for your reply..will give that a go and hopefully will do the job.

    Cheers again for the help.