• The aspect ratio of a picture does not seem to be kept when the video preferences are set to:

    Default resolution: 2400 x 600
    When combining video: Scale to Default Resolution
    Instead, the picture is being stretched across the whole stage.
    CI movie player and CI Video In Watcher are working as expected.
    Can you reproduce?

  • Turn "keep aspect" on??



  • Dear Zola,

    When you set up the settings as you described, the size of the video is **forced** to be 2400x600 -- if you do it this way, the resolution will be 2400x600 no matter what the resolution of the original picture is. (For example, a 12 x 12 square pixel image would be scaled to 2400 x 600 according to your settings.)
    These settings do not affect CI video streams because they use OpenGL texture maps, which are unrelated to this setting.
    My suggestion be to set "When Combining Video" to either "smallest" or "biggest" and to not force the resolution to 2400x600.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanx for the details Mark. Makes sense now. I need it to be forced to 2400x600 because i have many scenes that go from one resolution to the other. I remembered that in QC we need to use the crop actor to restrain an image in to a certain size. So I used the CIStretchCrop actor and it works well.

    It brings to mind a request I wanted to make but never thought it necessary enough. Would it make sense to have a Picture Player actor that would create a stream of video (the same frame over and over again)? Or is it just easier to just make a movie out of it and loop it? I'm afraid that the latter would be more processor intensive than a dedicated actor....

  • Dear Zola,

    I'm glad you got it sorted. But I don't understand the purpose of your request: if the image isn't changing, why do you need to send it repeatedly?
    Best Wishes,