• Dear All,

    This is so weird that I wonder if I'm doing something wrong without realising.  I've attached a simple patch which illustrates the problem.

    When you push the button, the slider will jump up and then return.  What I'm demonstrating is the link between the Broadcaster and the Listener.  (For simplicity I've put them in the same patch, but they don't have to be.)  This works as expected until I open another, new, window (command-N) - at which point the Listener doesn't hear the Broadcaster any longer.  This surprises me to say the least, but before I post it as a bug, I wouldn't mind seeing if anyone else has the same problem when they run it, (or can tell me what I'm missing here).  I've tried it on the two machines I have and they both produce the same result.

    I'm running 2.0.5 under 10.10.2.

    All thoughts gratefully received.


  • Izzy Guru


    I get the same result as you do, when the new window is closed it works again.

    Please file a bug report as you intended to do. Thank you.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks Michel,

    I'm doing it now.


  • same here on windows 8.1

  • Thanks Maximortal.

    Interesting that it's cross-platform.  I'm waiting to hear the result of my bug report.


  • Dear @Interluder,

    Yep, duplicated the behavior. It should work with two windows open. But, just so it's clear, all Broadcaster messages, and messages from the Control Panel, are global to Isadora. They are not kept within the file. So, Control Panel messages sent from file "A" should be also heard by file "B" if both are open.
    In any case, it's a bug. If you've filed your bug report, I'll make sure it gets fixed.
    Is it somehow essential that you have two windows open? (It is not really a "best practice" to do this.)
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    NOTE: the test file has the Actor Processing Mode set to v1.x

    my tests show that the problem lies not with OSC but the processing mode. 
    Switching to the new and recommended default V2 Actor Processing Model works as expected.
    I have passed the bug report along to Mark, so that V1 can be corrected.