Using Mic from Earbuds

  • So I was just fooling around and was wondering if it is possible to get the mic from a pair of earbuds recognized as a sound input in Isadora.

    I tried with and without Soundflowerbed, but the closest I've come is getting the mic to register in the Sound section of Preferences, but Izzy just can't see it for some reason. (I also once caused a feedback loop where the mic heard the earbuds. That was fun!)
    It seems like it should be fairly easy. Am I missing something?
    The computer in question is the Mac Pro in my signature.

  • Your mac has a port with headset support. And you get the headset with the mic recognized? Can you see the same device listed in Isadora Input>Live Capture Settings>Sound Devises?

  • I did everything exactly the same as I did a few hours ago, but it worked this time. Strange.

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