Do you want to come to Glastonbury with me and Skulpture?

  • Hi everyone,

    Some of you may know that I (as part of my job at The Guildhall School) take a team to Glastonbury Festival each year (well this is year 2 but each year from now on…). An opportunity to bring an extra person cropped up yesterday so I thought I'd post here to see if any of you are interested We run a pretty massive video mapping installation that combines a 360 degree map of the outside of the venue (part of which is BP so you can see it inside too) and the a full map of the DJ booth. Heres a video montage from last year: 

    What we CANT offer you: Money
    What we CAN offer you: A ticket to this amazing (some would say best in the world) music festival - and a chance to work with some really cool people on some really cool acts! Our venue is in the late night area - so we work through the night! cool!!! But there is still time to enjoy some of the other fantastic aspects of the festival: http://www.glastonburyfestival... Dates: 17th June - Tues 30th June (although maybe not needed for the full run (min dates 22nd-29th June)

    What we need: A good solid video technician (willing to pitch in with the grunt work of installation etc.) with a clear understanding of Isadora and the mapper. Also the 3D player and texture mapping 3d modelling in general. Ideally Someone with VJing experience (since you will be doing a couple of live sets) Someone who can work as a team leader (there will be students on the team that need your guidance). There will most likely be A Hippotizer HD V4 as part of the system so experience of Green Hippo products would be handy! I have attached a draft schematic so you can see the kind of system we will be installing (although there will prob be a couple of things that change) If you are interested email me: If you have questions post them here and I can answer and everyone can benefit from them. This isn't a formal 'job advert' so there is no date/deadline/formal application process. I will leave it open for a week or so and see who gets in touch and take it from there. Hope to be working with one of you soon!

    Think that's it for now…

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