Simultaneous capture and playback?

  • I'm working on an installation piece where a viewer (person 1) enters the camera's line of sight, triggering 'capture to disk', while playing a recording of the previous person (0) to walk in front of the camera. After person 1 leaves, a new person (2) enters and the monitor will play back the recording of person 1.

    I'm new to isadora and am having trouble displaying a previous recorded video, while recording a new one. I've figured out 'eyes', and 'freeze', but I'm having trouble with playing video while recording. I'm also unsure how to replace a previous video with a new one. Whenever I leave the frame, I can get my movie player to play, but it's always the first one recorded, and this one never gets overwritten.
    Thanks much!

  • I do not have time to construct a test but few things come to mind. Two shenes - one for recording, second for playback. I am not sure if this will solve it.

    With v.2 you could do a Apple script that will execute recording(independant from Isadora) to a bin with trigger from Isadora and Isadora will play new mov. in a bin when triggered.

  • Vanakaru is right - if you're on Mac, you'll be able to use some applescript to watch a folder, and when it sees a new recording arrive there, will load it into Isadora's bin. ( i can't find the particular applescript you need, but @primaldivine introduced me to the concept in a workshop. maybe she can help?) if you're on windows, i'm not sure how to do it.....

    you'll then need to use a Counter actor to increase the media number in your movie player when triggering a new movie to start.
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    Here is a link to @primaldivine 's instruction:

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    If I am not mistaken. Capture to disk allows setting g the filename.. so if you only need 2 videos You could switch the name to be used each time. Then the option to add to the media window will update the previous with a matching name so you could have vid1 and vid2 and while playing vid1 record and/overwrite vid2... then the reverse.. As long as you do not need instantaneous switching from 1 to 2 when recording is complete.. since it takes a moment to finish the write and import process. I have a patch that I did the other day testing the capture to disk actor.. and with a quick mod it should be able to demo this. . I will get it attached here ASAP.