• Just spent a few days working with a peppers ghost illusion and the Kinect. The Kinect had to be placed at a completely different angle and distance from the screen to the projector. The tracking was very accurate but mapping the projection so it lined up with the real life action, visible through the screen, was very difficult. I used trial and error, with varying results. Plus a bit of automated adjustment depending on distance to the camera. Anyone got any idea how this could be achieved, what I need to consider and if it's even possible.

  • Besides Isadora 3d quad distort, I would say your best bet is something like virtual maya cam, usually available in kinect Cinder/OpenFrameworks software. One might exist in QC world. To get your virtual cam image into Isadora, use syphon.


  • Hi Gavspav. I did this on a theatre production, using the 3D Quad Distort actor mentioned, and perspective adjustments, but it is fiddly, yes. Thank you to 'eight' for maya cam info. I'll look into that as an option.