Wireless cameras that can speak with Isadora

  • Greetings,

    Newer user here and have seen a few bits and pieces but I wanted to see specifically if anyone has used the new wireless element that was put out for the GoPro camera and if it works with Isadora?  I've been scanning the web for wireless cameras and a lot of what I find sounds like they aren't very reliable at least these tiny, color, "no delay" cameras as advertised on Amazon
    I saw the posts about iphone/ipod webcam conversion but the delay won't work for the dance piece I'm involved in. 
    If anyone has any suggestions, experience, etc of reliable wireless cameras that have worked with Isadora, that'd be amazing.
    Excited to be part of this board and jump into the program.
    Thank you kindly in advance.

  • Hi there,

    I recently went through this wireless without delay hd camera stuff.

    I tried two things. I got two warn you, it's expensive stuff, and we're talking only transmitter-receiver system, not camera that are wireless by themself…

    I tried the teradek cube system. Great stuff. Small, nice compression, but delays. With transmitter-receiver i never went under 400 milliseconds delay, which is not that bad, but enough to be a killer… There is also a good straight to the net system, but due to quick time buffer system, you will have at least 2 sec delay. It works far more better with vlc. But then, is this really useful ?

    The second solution we use, and we will keep using is idx cw5 hd (http://www.idxtek.com/products/cw-5hd). It's heavy, ugly, expensiv, works only with a transmitter-receiver pair but appears to be consistent, safe, and fast. The compression is quiet invisible. And as long as you have a good capture card behind, like a black magic or something, you will stay in the ok zone of the delay problem (less than 200 millisecond from the camera to the final image).

    Hope it can be of any help

    All the best


  • Izzy Guru

    @Michel might be able to help you out with IP cameras also.

  • Hi Skulpture, which IP cameras do you know working reliably with Isadora, with a reasonable quality and a low price?

  • Hello,

    For a very easy installation, there is airbeam, a little iPhone app sending image and sound to your PC, using syphon to connect in Isadora, a little delay with a rough image, but cheap and reliable, good to test thinks.