• I'm creating content for a screen ratio equivelent to 1024 x 417 is it best to create my content this size or to create 1024 x 768 content and mask it in After Effects? I want the images to be at the bottom of the output (my projectors output 1024 x 768) so the unused 'black' part of the frame is above the screen.

    I've been away from Izzy for a while so I'm a bit rusty on all this...the golden rule is not to mix different resolutions isn't it? 
    I'm mixing stills and video footage with lots of izzy shapes and text draw actors.
    Thanks for any advice you can give.
    I'm using Isadora 2 on a mac pro.

  • Mixing resolutions is not the end of the world. I alway pre-produce what I can because you have more control over how your content behaves, and less real-time processing.

    But if you just want to "pan up" on a 1024x768, thats no problem at all.