Processing to Isadora plugin?

  • I find myself writing a lot of processing applications to assist Isadora in various ways and I run them in the background. How far is the jump from a processing application to a Isadora plugin? Is it similar in terms of libraries and syntax? If processing and arduino are my main IDEs, will that knowledge apply in the SDK?


  • Dear @fubbi,

    I really don't know how hard it would be to create a Processing plugin. But I imagine it would be a relatively major effort.
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    Ardunio's syntax is based on C,

    Processing is based on Java.
    Both have been simplified.
    The Isadora SDK is C++ based. So its object oriented like Java, with a C type syntax. If you are thinking to create plugins for izzy instead of processing patches, it is probably possible, but the libraries will be completely different. I would suggest you spend some time learning C++ first.
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    What I love most in Isadora, that I dont have to learn all these languages ;-)

  • I Agree with DusX..

    Spend some time to learn C++ with for example OpenFrameworks and their tutorials then make your first Isadora plugin.
    Be slightly aware that the structure of a plugin is event based while OF and processing are loop based.
    This being said... I once started in PHP, then learned Processing and then after a some time I learned Open Frameworks and some more time after that made my first couple of Isadora Plugins last year.. So it is doable...