Way to Capture/Playback Epoccam using 'Capture Camera to Disk'? (separate input streams, not stage)

  • Hi all

    Using Epoccam for multiple cams, and I need to capture and then playback the separate cameras, not the stage itself.

    AFAIK 'Capture Camera to Disk' has assignable channels that are tied to the LIVE CAPTURE INPUT SETTINGS, and these Inputs are not being used/assigned with Epoccam to Syphon--it's recognized separately.

    The Live Capture's automation to media folder and autoload for playback is exactly what i want to use, but I can't get 'Capture Camera to Disk' actor to see the Cameras. (The Capture Stage actor works fine of course.)

    How do I assign the Syphoned Cameras to the 'Capture Camera to Disk'?
    Am I missing something fundamental?


  • Izzy Guru


    You cannot assign the syphon cameras to the "capture camera to disk" actor, you are not missing anything. The "capture camera to disk" actor is looking for the camera signal and not for a syphon signal.

    But you could use the syphon recorder to capture the syphon cameras and use an apple script, that watches the folder you save your files to and import the files into Isadora. You can follow the instructions from @primaldevine http://www.jamiegriffiths.com/apple-script-into-isadora/.

    Best Michel

  • Also, you can use the Capture Stage to Disk actor if you are playing the Epoccam video to the stage. That way, you wouldn't have to use the Applescript solution.

    Best Wishes,

  • thanks, michel and mark.

    after a lot of experimenting with the Epoccam HD, i can't solve the latency and frame-dropping that seems inherent when mirroring the output signal from an iPad with this app–straight airplay network is not acceptable either but has been working better.

    there is an iPad app that is integral to this multimedia show so getting iPad mirroring to work cleanly is priority.

    i'm now capturing with a Black Magic Intensity Extreme, so i posted info i discovered and new questions about iPad send in a new comment/thead Re black magic cards and iPad mirroring, since it's no longer an Epoccam issue.