Anchor point / Origin point for Scales & Rotation

  • Hello.

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to alter the anchor point of a layer/projector? Similar to After Effects or Photoshop, so you could rotate/scale from a given point. I am looking to scale a video clip up from the bottom-centre rather than the centre.
     I believe you can alter the HV mode to scale from corners and I've experimented with using calculations, but wondering if there is a simpler way.  Would it require adding to a 3D shape?
    Any help would be appreciated. 
    many thanks,
  • Izzy Guru

    There is no way to define the anchor point.

    The way you have suggested may be the best approach. 

  • OK, thanks Graham. I'll have another play with using Envelope Generators and Calculator.

  • Hello,

    I just found an elegant way:
    – using the new projector, open the mapping, publish in "output", rotation, offset X and offset Y
    If you put
    – horz pos = -50
    – vert pos = -50
    – Rectangle 1 : Offset X = 1
    – Rectangle 1 : Offset Y = 0.5
    If you move the Rectangle 1 : Rotation, the image turns as usual
    If you move the projector Spin, the image turns on is corner
    And all the other possibilities.
    I think it's what you search.