Adjusting audio I/O buffer size

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    Is there a way of adjusting audio I/O buffer size? I’m using live audio input and would like to adjust latency. Using Mac Mini and Behringer UMC404 sound card.

  • Dear Simon,

    There isn't a way to do this from Isadora. Usually, such adjustments are handled by hardware specific driver software. For example, the "MOTU Audio Setup" app I use with my MOTU Traveller.
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  • @Mark

    Normally, it's the application who tune the latency for the hardware (like in Live or DP), some drivers allow to do that but not mine (M-Audio profire 2626).
    I think it would be good to have a better sound integration with a separate control panel, not the os one.
    Perhaps even a real sound path with movie player sound output?
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    @jhoepffner I have the same thoughts about this topic