Picture player problem : Q about method and tools,

  • Working on a comic strip, the principle is I want to be able to draw each cell in a page of the strip independently of the others. My medias each are a entire page in Jpeg format. So I've created this patch with as many players as there are cells in a page (that is 5 max) and cropped each player with the 'crop' actor. But this revealed a few problems.
    First and most, when I trig a picture player by launching a scene, there is a delay that is in the range of 0.5 to 1 sec. Thinking this may be related to the playing the pictures through the cpu by inserting the 'crop' actor, I made a test by simply patching a 'picture player' and a 'projector' and setting up one scene per page. Same problem. Before someone asks; my config is a mbp 2 x 2,3 ghz with 16 Go RAM running 10.8.5. The medias play from an internal newly installed SSD. I wanted to try the CI actors but changing the settings of the CI crop crashed isadora every time. I tried to use a 'Preload picture actor' in each scene but that doesn't cure the delay problem.
    So my first question is : is there a way to solve this ?
    My second question is : is thre a better way to do this by using the mapping features and the ability to change the intensity of each slice for example ? Or having a 'picture player' playing the image and a masking system ?

  • you could try outputting one image to 5 projectors and using the mapping function to select one cell on each, then use the intensity of each projector to control the visibility of each cell. i'm sure that would be less cpu intensive.

  • Hello,

    I will use another (more economical…) solution.
    Staying in GPU, use any picture player you need with intensity to fade between, zoom and position to frame.
    Use preloading to have it in RAM
    Don't use crop, it's really processor intensive (CPU based), instead, use the new background color (GPU based) and projectors to crop the image.
    I tried with 5 big images, it works.
    Patch included.
    Hope that helps,