Crop in diagonal

  • Hi everybody,

    For a presentation, I have a trapezoid screen. How can I crop the image in diagonal in Isadora 2 ?
    Thank you ;)

  • Tech Staff

    Hmm interesting.

    You could use the mapper in theory but actually I would create a shape in the shape actor and then spin it to your desired angle and mask it. 
    There are probably a few other ways to do this also; depends on your workflow.

  • Hello,

    Another way staying in GPU is to use the background color in black with a projector and use Hpos, Vpos and spin to mask in any angle you want.

  • How about 3D Quad Distort x1;x2......if you need to distort the image accordingly.

  • I can't distort the image because I have some text on it.

    I'm going to try tomorrow.
    Thanks for the advice ;)

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