Old patches working well with v.1 may not with v.2?!

  • I recreated a patch with v.2 that uses Eye++ tracking, CPU effects and live video. It runs nice 15fps with target set to 30 with Isadora 1.5. However with v.2.05 barely 3-4fps and hickups. A changed as many actors to GPU or Cl as possible without any improvement.


  • Tech Staff

    Please start a support ticket.
    We should look into this.


  • Dear @vanakaru,

    How much media is there? This the kind of thing that often requires getting the media along with the file to be able to specifically analyze what's wrong. @DusX, please coordinate with @vanakaru on this, and let's see what we can find out.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks!

    Here is a patch to test.
    However originally my OS X was 10.6.8 but my tests were run also 10.9 with the same results.


  • Got it solved. My video capture setting were the reason. Thanks for looking into this.

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