Is there a way to isolate 7 specifc Audio Frequency at the same time?

  • I'd like to work with 7 specifics sound frequencies (256Hz, 288Hz, 320, 341, 384, 426, 480Hz), alone and at the same time, each frequency sending a specific color (via enttec dmx usb pro/enttec send patch) to a LED lamp.

    With one frequency works fine, using Sound Frequency Watcher and sending the "energy" output to the 'value 2' from the 'Matrix Value Send Actor',
    but when I use 2 or more frequencies at the same time, one frequency interfere with the other(s). Even If I use '0Hz' for 'freq slope'.

    Is there a way to isolate these frequencies?

    The sound came from 7 Crystal Bowl and there is a frequency range + and - until the crystal find their final frequency (256Hz, 288Hz, 320, 341, 384, 426, 480Hz).

    Tks for any help, :).

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  • That looks like interactions between the frequencies. Do you play the bowls at the same time ? If that's the case, you create beatings between the basic frequencies and that should be enough to prevent the actor to detect them accurately.

  • Yes I'm playing the bowls at the same time...
    I'm wondering if have a way to filter the frequency after the 'Sound Frequency Watcher' to solve that.

  • You should do it pre-freq watcher. Do you use one mic per bowl / contact mics or one or a pair of mics for the whole ? In all cases but the contact mics, this implies filtering capacities that are beyond the scope of Izzy tools unless you have additional audio plug ins. If you are on a mac, you could use some AUbandpass filters to select just the frequencies of your seven bowls before entering the freq watcher.

  • At the moment I'm using my comp mic to input audio.

    Yes per-filtering is the solution but Izz don't have this option. Is possible do use AUBandpass but there's no way to connect the AUBandpass out (audio) to the Sound Frequency actor...

    Tks for your attention Stephane, :)

  • Don't have Soundflower installed on my new install to check that but I think that may be a solution : take Soundflower (or a sibling audiopipe system) as your audio input device in the live capture settings.
    Edit : you could also consider cheap piezo contact mics for each bowl as an affordable and reliable alternative.

  • Tech Staff

    I would suggest using a dedicated audio application as your audio input,

    Do your filtering there and re-route the audio (after filtering) to Isadora. (using soundflower or similar)
    Reaper might be able to do this for you..
    I personally use Renoise.
    This will currently only work for Mac, since pc doesn't support multi channel audio in this way.

  • Yeap!! I used SoundTrackPro > Sound Flower > Izz and works, :)

    Tks for y help Stephane and DusX.

  • Nice !

  • Ey @DuVa!
    With how many microphones you sorted out the system?
    Piezos would not do the job for this since it would mute the resonance of the bowls, wouldn´t it?

    SoundFlower sounds great!

    you say @DusX that there is no similar alternative for Windows?
  • Tech Staff

    No, on PC you will need to either, send midi or OSC data related to the audio levels of each frequency you are tracking (depends on your external audio software).

    As for audio routing on PC I use,
  • Izzy Guru

    Just a note that Sound Flower doesn't seem to be working for me on Mac OS X 10.10

    Anyone know of any alternatives?

  • Unsigned kext... There's a beta o'er on GitHub: