• Hi, I've a video footage with a very very bad soundtrack. I wonder how to treat that sound since I can't plug a parametric EQ actor on a movie player.

    Thank for your help 

  • Hello,
    You cannot use sound effect from movie player, you can try to send the sound (via sound flower or sound syphon) to a proper sound software (Ableton Live or Max/Msp), but you will have delay between sound and image.

    I think it would be better to treat that sound independently with the proper tool: denoiser, equalizer, compressor…

    But a bad sound doesn't give a good sound, no way to redo it?

  • I have tried to better sound so many times and got really tired of it. So you can do just a tiny bit. One trick in old days was to change DV 48kHz sound space into 44kHz. That helped as much as with many denoiser tools.

    As said above I would use app outside Isadora and fix the sound before using the movie. Audacity is good tool in mac.

  • @jhoepffner : No, noway to redo the sound. It coms with olds archives from INA and I get 40 footages to play. The sound is pretty bad because it's a 45 years old recording, but the most important is that there is a 8000 HRz all long of the tape.

    @vanakaru : You said to fix it with an app like Audacity, but the sound is part of the footage. Does Audacity edit sound within mov files ?

  • If find it incredible that we can't interact simply with the video sound in a soft so complete…

  • In any case, live treatment of sound is not the good solution, for reason of delay, and you will be more confortable to do it separately. You can interact with sound using another app as I said it, I do it often with Live, it works well, with a delay…

  • Yes, Audacity opens sound from video…

  • Isadora is not an audio app. I use Plogue Bidule for sound manipulation. Jacques uses Live and Max. So it is pretty normal, that Isadora focus is on video and interactivity.

    My suggestion is to prepare your media before as much as possible to ensure smooth playback.
    Another possible solution to avoid latency would be to use external hardware limiter or EQ on your sound output before amplifier.
  • Izzy Guru

    I agree, I would try and fix this audio in an external software first.

    A basic software package like iMovie for Mac for Windows Movie Maker on Windows has basic EQ and 'enhance' features. 
  • Izzy Guru

    This does not help you in any way and does not match your problem with the old footage, but our sound technician often says to the students that bring very bad mp3 files:
    "A mixing console is not a sewage plant".

    Best Michel

  • Ok ! I'll do it in FCPX.

    Merci à tous !