Using Airbeam and syphon to send video from an iPhone into Izzy

  • Hi All,

    I recently had to a clean install of my OS  (OS X 10.9.5), and in the aftermath, I've discovered that I need to reinstall the QC Syphon Client plugin in order to run one of my shows. Originally, a (far more adept) peer of mine did the install for me. Unfortunately, he's busy on another gig and unavailable to help. I've been digging through the internet trying to figure this out, but I'm coming up blank, and have a show on the 1st of May. Could any of you talk me through the requisite steps? 
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    What version of Isadora are you using? It's quite a while since Isadora supports Syphon out of the box, they are called syphon to image, syphon to texture and syphon to video.


  • Hi @Michel,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm running Isadora 1.3.1f06\. While trying to troubleshoot the situation, I noticed the syphon actors you mentioned. If it's easier to replace QC Syphon Client with "Syphon to Video," I'm open to it, but I might need some advice on how to do that (sorry to be such a newb, but I suppose we all have to start somewhere). I'm concerned that the bigger issue is I'm not sure I've installed Syphon correctly on my computer (I've downloaded simple client and simple server and the openGL plugins, but I'm not sure I understand how signal flow from Airbeam to syphon to Izzy works). I've also attempted to install Pete's FreeFrame plugins and the USB Key Driver, but I'm not confident that I've done that correctly either. Any and all advice is appreciated :-)
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    Replacing the "qc syphon client" with the "syphon to image" actor (qc has an image output) is by just replacing the old with the new one and re-make the connection between the "syphon to image" to what ever actor the "qc syphon client" whent. Then you have to have Airbeam open in the background and as soon Airbeam is open you click into the black field (labeled as server) of the "syphon to image" actor and select the Airbeam syphon stream.

    Best Michel