Experimenting with the Javascript Actor

  • So tonight I finally found some time to play around with the javascript editor.

    As a little experiment I decided to port the BrownianMotion ([https://processing.org/examples/brownian.html](https://processing.org/examples/brownian.html))  example from processing to javascript in Isadora. Ever since the javascript actor was introduced I have been curious how I could use it to do some more generative work in Isadora.
    I ended up having a fun night and want to share my Izzyfile with the community. The attached file consists of three scenes.
    The first scene is the classic brownian motion
    The second scene is me going wild with a brownian motion inspired disco music visualisation thing. (you probably need to tweak some things to get good result with your music/volume)
    The third scene is again brownian motion, but then used as a alpha mask for a video. The movie I used to test is not included but can be found here: [https://archive.org/details/honey1967](https://archive.org/details/honey1967) or you can choose one of your own liking.
    I hope everybody has fun with the izzy file! 


  • Tech Staff

    Thanks for sharing...

    I rather like working with JS in Isadora, so its nice to see other peoples projects.
    Converting some of the projects in http://natureofcode.com/ is something I had planned to do... but haven't found the time yet.

  • Well.. coming from a processing/generative background I am also really interested in the possibilities the javascript actor offers. Trying out nature of code sketches is one of them.

    I was thinking that it would actually be handy to build a handy sort of "library" with common used logic functions to offer some shortcuts or ways to do things easier  in isadora instead of using the actors.
    But this of course takes time and discipline.... Well anyway if I ever come to this point I wil be sure to share it with the community.

  • Thanks, great way to get into JS for us n00bs!

  • Tech Staff

    One of my very first trials of the Javascript actor... 

  • Tech Staff

    And some I just posted now...


    Hopefully this is useful.

  • @machiel_v,

    thx for seeing this actor in action.
    Well done.

  • I recently worked on a project where we used Javascript to search through the media in Isadora and find files with certain names and words in them.  I was impressed with the functionality Javascript can provide for processing/ number crunching.  Very, very useful add.