Multiple patches running simultaneously - hide stages for one patch only? kinect camera image

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    I am running two patches simultaneously. First patch has only one scene and its only job is to send my kinect camera image to the second patch using a broadcaster actor. The reason I am doing this is to avoid kinect related isadora crashes when I changes scenes. The workaround of running two patches works perfectly and is very stable. In my second patch I can add as many scenes as I need and the kinect camera feed is always available to me in any scene and no crashes.
    HOWEVER... I need to use this for an installation that has an auto-start and auto-shutdown using system preferences energy saver to boot up the computer in the evenings. My problem is that the broadcaster patch will also show stages automatically and I don't want it to. Any suggestions or options for forcing the first patch to 'never show stages' but allow the second patch that is running simultaneously to always show its stages, in accordance with the preference settings?
    thanks for any advice

  • I just realised this is not crucial, if I make sure that the Mac login items starts up the first patch before the second patch. If I do that, then the full screen of the second one, layers above the full screen of the first one. Since I am not sending anything to first one, I assume it wont take too much processor juice away, although it is drawing black, of course full screen unnecessarily in this case, therefore I am still interested in any forum thoughts on this.

  • Tech Staff

    You can deactivate the automatically show stages in the Izzy prefs and activate the stage with the "enter scene trigger" and the "show-hide stages" actors.


  • Of course. Great. I forgot abut that actor. thanks Michel.