Not sure how to use sound input/level watcher to manipulate live sounds

  • I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that my internal mic (in the sound input) picks up on live sounds and, depending on audio levels, the sounds will be manipulated through various effects like panner, delay, etc. and be replayed through the sound player actor.  I've found that none of the effects can be connected to the sound slot of the sound player, and I'm not entirely sure which actors can be connected to the input of the audio level watcher. Is there a basic setup to follow for this type of thing? Basically I just want to have a sound input connected to sound level watcher, which will then determine the effects placed on that sound, and be played through audio player. Sorry if that's confusing, I can clarify further if need be.

  • If you place your mic on the front of the speaker you get all the effects you are talking about - feedback. That is the main reason you can not do what you are after.

  • I see.  What if my speakers were far enough away from the internal mic on my laptop to prevent feedback?  I guess my question is more about the patch than about this other issue, though I admit that could be of concern, as well.  To play back live sound, which output actor would I use?  I figured it'd be system output unit, but it still doesn't seem to be playing.  I've got my live capture settings on internal mic, and the sound levels are fluctuating correctly.  I just can't get the live sound to play back on my speakers.


  • Put your headphones on and try this

  • Put your headphones on and try this>676761-audio-manipulation.izz

  • wow, that works perfectly! I can't thank you enough:))  I think I was trying to connect the wrong inputs on effects actors earlier, which was causing problems, but this patch is perfect!

  • If you try with open output(speakers instead of phones) you will understand what feedback means.