Sound Freq Watcher to trigger Envelope once only?

  • Hi there

    I have made a number of scenes where live data from the Sound Frequency Watcher is used to trigger an envelope generator to cause an explosion effect on an image. After the envelope has been triggered, there is the possibility that should the data be reached again by the live sound, another explosion will happen, which in this case I don't want. So how can I get the envelope gen to trigger only once despite the numbers continuing through?
    I have attached a snapshot of my project.
    Thank you for your time!


  • you can put a counter, which open a gate when it's 1 and close it when it's >1.

    You just have to reset it when you redoit.

  • or you could do this - using a similar setup to yesterday's question from craigwb05da7-screen-shot-2015-05-04-at-09.41.52.png

  • Thank you dbini and Jacques

    Very kind of you both to post your replies, I will give them a go!
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