• Hallo all,

    i digged for a solution to show the playtime of a moviefile or maybe a kind of Timelinesolution for izzy.
    I found a post at Skulptures Webside about a Timelineplugin from Matthew Haber. But the downloadlink doesn't work anymore.
    I used some of Matthews great actors a while ago, but it seems that he unpublished all of them.
    Does anyone no something about it or any other solution like that?

  • Oh, forgot the Link to Skulptures Post.


  • It seems to make more sense to use another app for timeline function and  control Isadora via MIDI or OSC. Look at Duration, QLab, Vezer and others.

    Duration is my favorite. These apps give you very good functionality that is extremely easy to navigate. And it will not interfere with the other stuff you do with Isadora,

  • Thank you vanakaru, saw that i other discussions here. Hoped to find the Haber Actors anyway.


  • @ vanakaru
    yes, duration looks very interesting, I am not an expert with OSC connections  and could not find a discription/manual of duration. maybe there is a link for more infomations somewhere .....



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    Yes that post of mine was from 2011 and things have changed a lot since then. Matthew doesn't 100% fully support those actors anymore. For a number of reasons; his time, energy, other work commitments, etc. But they should still work pretty well. 
    Your best bet is Duration, Vezer or Qlab :)

  • Hello,

    I use Vezer. It become better and better. Tamas, the founder, is very active and the software evolves very quickly . I recommend 100%. Victor
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    Hi, my actors are still available if you send me an email. My website has become purely focused on my design practice so there aren't links there anymore. I have attached Isadora Timeline Toolkit which has limited practical applications but was a fun challenge to build and Duration TK which is a set of actors that provide some pretty useful extended integration for Isadora and Duration. d07d8e-isadora-timeline-toolkit-v1.1.zip 5825c5-duration-tk-v2.0.zip

  • Hey Matthew,

    thank you very much!

  • And thank you all for your recommendations!