• Is there a way to change colour and size of the "cue list" type. or  any other way to display current/next scene with comments for the operator in Isadora?

    any help appreciated, as my operator finds cur/next (in the original settings of cue sheet) to difficult to read! :(

  • control panel?

  • I need 2 Informations: the cue i´m in, a comment for the next cue to go and cur/next cue. How would you build this in the control panel? current scene i know, but where from would it read the comments according to the cues?

  • one control panel can control a sequence of scenes. if you're triggering a different scene for each cue, you can write the cue points in a comment and next to that, have a button that links to a jump actor to trigger the shift into the next scene.

  • Thats a way, true. But then i need to split the control panel for about 100 scenes :( Not very convenient. But an Option.

  • Tech Staff

    I often setup a per scene Notes system.
    Mine get pretty complex... but can be as simple as an 'Edit Text' control that I push some text into on enterscene.

    enterscene trigger -> trigger text -> Edit text Control ID
    each scene can then update the control panel. maybe that helps.
  • Tech Staff

    yep @DusX suggestion works very good.

    Best Michel

  • Yes, I agree with DusX, I use it all time, you can also send the text to a remote touchOSC.

    I send a sample of how it works.

    93c9c2-isadoratext01.png 4350cb-isadoratext02.png