Very useful free software to correct your display output resolution (a common problem for Mac OS X)

  • Hi all (Mac users),
    I just want to share this free software that I found during my last show. Since I upgraded to Yosemite, the external display resolution becomes quite sketchy and in Mac's display preferences only gives me very limited options, and I was going for pixel to pixel kind of work going thru another hardware switcher, so this can be a headache. I know there are lots of software out there that corrects it, but I just found this one which was very easy and useful to resolve this issue, I highly recommend anyone who deals with video outputs to have it.
    simply download [the free](, place in your application folder, then double click on it. the RDM software will appear in tool bar at the top, and you can then click on any resolution options. Credit goes to  **Paul Griffin** at []( for this!
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    Thank you, very helpfull.

  • Wow !
    Thanks a lot, I miss this since OSX 10.6 !