• Hi

    I have downloaded the Example files from official site, everything works except the 3DModels.
    The Stage is black.
    For all the other MacProbook in school, it works, but not on my Mac Book Air (2014)
    My Isadora is 2.0.5, when I was opening the Example file, it have two warning:
     The file you are opening need updated ... Do you want to continue?
    Note: the 3D models in this patch may out of alignment. Due to a bug.... Click for further details.
    Any thoughts?
    Many Thanks!
  • Izzy Guru


    First: tells you that the patch you are opening was made with an old Isadora version, updating just means save it with the new version.

    Second: tells you that the position of the 3d model could be out of alignment, meaning not visible, doing the following brings it back to the center.

    You have to switch to the patch window or click "cmd+shift+s" for split view, then click onto the text that says "y translate" set the "scale max" to 0 (zero). Now click onto the number 18 and type in 0. Thats it.


  • You are my hero, Michel !!

  • Mine too. ;-)

  • Izzy Guru