Edit values in unactive scenes

  • Hallo guys,

    is there any possibility to change values in a non active scene out of the then active scene?
    I want to edit live some values like the movie player "play start" value, right before i switch into the scene.
    Thank you

  • You can do it (more or less) using data array actor, recording to external file, so you can open it in the new scene.

    But what is not clear is "play start", do you think the trigger or the position value?
    Be more precise, please…
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    You can activate a scene so its running but you can't see it. Have a look at the "activate scene" actor. You could then use the broadcaster and listener actors?

    Or use the data array actor which can create a text file and share it between scenes? A little bit more tricky IMO. 

  • Thank you jhoepffner.

    I never worked with the data array actor before. I tried it now, and it creates the textfile, but doesn't write any values in it. The stays empty.
    Don't know what i'm doing wrong. Any ideas?

  • Hello Skulpture,

    i allready tried it with osc. But the main factor why i use scenes, the easy transitions and just cloning the scenes and using one controler GUI, doesn't work anymore, because the corresponding values does irritating each other in ping pong.
    At this point another question. I had in mind, that there was a possibility to have different controller Pages per Scene in some older Izzi versions, wasn't it?  
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    Yes you can have different control panels for different scenes. Right click in-between two scenes and click split control panel.

    Also here is a very basic and old data array tut from a while ago:


  • Oh, great! I missed that setting... Thank you Skulpture.

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    Your welcome.

  • And thank you both again! The Data array actor works perfectly!

  • picking up this thread–

    i'm also trying to pass and edit values between scenes, to be able to view clip #'s and preload clips to an inactive scene, and i watched graham's video but i still cannot figure the data array actor.

    right now i'm using a circle of listeners and broadcasters. (just by itself until i get it sorted since the real patch is already complicated.)

    it's not difficult to send the clip numbers of scene 1 to be available as info in scene 2. but it seems like there's no way to preload movies on the fly from scene 2 to scene 1without getting a little flash of the previously playing clip before the new one loads. plus in the real patch there are already a couple of things that need to load immediately when returning to scene 1.

    the test patch is attached below, it uses the spacebar to jump between main scenes while a secondary is triggered.

    is there actually any way of getting an instant playback of preset clips that are chosen while in a different scene?

    with the instant playback feature, i set the camera to playback so the newest movies run instantly by cue'ing the new number up before the clip is recorded--it's already preset.

    does it seem like the data array actor would work better?
    or at least be more elegant in terms of things loading/unloading?



  • Hello mikemixed,

    the method with the data array actor is actually a workaround, as the values aren't be set while the scene is inactive but in the second loaded, when it's getting activated. So it's the same behavior the video preload actor combined with an enter scene trigger.
    But maybe the preload scene actor is helping you.