Copy Changes in one Scene to others

  • If you have alot of scenes, and you have to change things, that need to be changed in others as well, to just copy them in.

    Something like a funktion "Do changes to all Scenes","...folowing scenes", "scenes before".

  • I thought of something, but it did not work.

  • use broadcaster and listeners actors

  • Uhh! I forgot to make scenes active. Broadcaster will talk to Listener on active scene only.

  • Tech Staff

    This is one of the great benefits to using User actors extensively, and probably the only way to make cross scene updates.

    Listener and Broadcasters are great for passing data between active scenes.

  • Sorry, for answering so late, haven't seen the answers. Should change my notices Mailadress ;-).

    I think you guys misunderstood me. I asked for what your answers describes here at a different post. The only real solution to update Values cross Scene, is the Data array actor, that writes values at a certain point and read 'em at scene load.
    but what i'm asking here is something different! I meant changes in the patches, as putting one or more new actors in several scenes witch are build in the same way.
    Maybe you have ten Scenes, all with a (maybe nearly) same structure of actors. Maybe only to have a nice Fade between the Scenes. And now you want a new effect in ALL scenes. At the moment you have to go to each scene separately and disconnect patches, put the new actor and the new connections to other actors, and this all ten times.
    Great would be some kind of batch recorder. Like in photoshop. You start do a recording of your changes in one scene and repeat (replay) them in others needed.

  • The answer is definitely DusX's reply. Use user actors. Build your whole signal chain inside of one. If you need to differentiate media values between scenes or something, pipe the values in from outside the user actor. Any changes made to one user actor can be saved and updated across all user actors. Until you make it a seperate actor, in which case you would lose that functionality.

  • Ah, thank you tadakan! And DusX as well for sure...

    It is kind of pretty obvious, but now i understood it!