Controlling Panasonic projector with the TCP Send Data Actor

  • Hello all,

    I am new to TCP Strings.  I am not a programmer.  I am trying to understand how to send control strings to my projector for power and controlling the shutter mainly.  I have found a couple of threads regarding projector control.  I know with panasonic, you have to take the password away.  I have done this.  I see in the manual for the Panasonic projector where it talks about the control string.  I just don't know exactly what to type and how to type it in the TCP send data actor.  Again I am not a programmer so just telling me the command doesn't really help me right now.  If someone could just go a little bit farther and tell me the exact control string to make the projector turn on or off or maybe the shutter on or off, that would be wonderful.  I have a panasonic PT-EW640\.  It does support PJ Link.  The TCP port that is setup is 1024\.  I see I need a TCP Stream Control actor and a TCP send data actor.  Here is a screen shot from the projector manual that tells the controls. Thank you your help and time in advance.
    Cory Sprenkle
    S&S Productions
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  • Izzy Guru


    I never used it myself but here is a thread were someone posted his patch.

    Best Michel

  • I know its not what you were asking but this is a cool little tool that may solve your problem. (if what you want is to be able to control your projectors with izzy and not learn what you actually asked… sorry hope its helpful)

  • Hi Cory,

    Attached is a Patch is a User Actor I use for controlling PJlink Panasonic projectors. It is a modification of another Users actor (I can't honestly remember whose, so sorry for not giving proper credit). Just adjust the IP address to that of the projector's and make sure your computer is on the same IP network. You may need to make sure wifi is off as well. You also might need to adjust the delay on the actor (see note in patch). There is also an actor to turn the projector on and off via pjlink which is sometimes fun to have if done with care.

    Good Luck.



  • Hi all,

    Here is another post where @keftaparty shared an user actor to control PJLink projectors (maybe the original one @cambrucedavis)
    All the best

  • Thanks so much for the help.  The user actor that you guys shared for PJlink worked.  Since I am not a programmer, I just don't understand how to find out the syntax of that string.  I am also curious to find out where the information is that says what port to use for the projector.  there is a place to edit the port on the projector but it appears that isn't the same thing as it doesn't have to match the port in isadora.  Actually when I did match the projector to the port in the pjlink actor, it didn't work.


  • Hi @Cory_Sprenkle,

    I tried to do the same TCP stuff a few time ago with a Barco projector without success, but it wasn't required by the project so I gave it up...
    I neither am a programer, but I succeed with other projectors (and this user actor) "fiddling" with command lines found on a dedicated network command manual ; I searched something like this for your on the web but I didn't find...
    Anyway, the port seems to be good and you can make tests replacing commands in TCP actor with AVMT 30 to open shutter and AVMT 31 to close it (OSH:0 and OSH:1 seem to be RS 232 commands...)
    Moreover, you have to check your RJ45 wire : if you use a hub it must be a straight wire, if it's a direct connection computer / projector it must be a crossed wire (not sure of this obligation but in case...)
    Keep us inform.
    All the best.

  • We had an apprentice once who was really good in coding and he wrote this very useful user actor. I use it daily and its very handy and stable. Ive tested it with up to 5 Panasonic-projectors (with unique ID for each in the user actor).

    Obviously you have to be on the same network, the password must not be disabled but it has to be the standard panasonic passphrase (user: admin1, pass: panasonic).
    We use it with PT-D 6000, PT-D 5700, PT-DW 6300, PT-DZ 6700 and PT-DZ13K but im sure it works with most panasonic projectors with the web interface.
    Once i tried to rework it for turning the projector off but i failed. I would be still interested in help for that.


  • Well, it appears that Benthana's user actor is actually interacting directly with the web interface of the projector (port 80) and is bypassing the pjlink protocol, while cambrucedavis' actor is operating on port 4352, which is the port for pjlink and is only sending the hex codes for various functions.

    Cambrucedavis' actor should be much easier to add functionality to. Just find the correct hex string in the pjlink documentation for the function you want and send it to your projector. I don't see any provision made for login though, so you'll need to disable authentication on the projector.

  • Here is the page where you can find all you want to know about PJLink, the available commands, etc:
    and in particular:

  • @cambrucedavis THANK YOU for that file with the user actor! I've been reading about PJLink for several days now but like the OP I know next to nothing about code. I couldn't figure out why my actors weren't doing what I wanted but yours is SUPER intuitive and I was able to easily use your file to shutter and un-shutter my Panasonic projectors!