Use MIDI and/or OSC to Change Scenes

  • I am using OSC listener to control many parameters in an Izzy patch.

    I can trigger Jump actor via OSC but how do I use MIDI to trigger a Jump actor to change scene with fade?

  • it should be similar. have you got MIDI set up properly? are you getting a notification that MIDI is being received? use a Control Watcher actor to trigger your Jump, with a fade time set in the Jump actor.

  • Thanks dbini.

    Got it now. I was unsure if I would be able to send both OSC and MIDI to the same Jump actor. Works great.
    I am closing in on my first live music/projection mapping solo performance with only Isadora and Ableton. 
    Attempting to control everything with iPad and Leap Motion through OSC. 
    Little MIDI keyboard will be discreetly stashed on stage (connected) as a back-up.