Stupid question on stage preview window

  • Hi,

    My stage preview is stuck and I can't move it to see. Can't drag or anything.
    It's the black line, top left.


  • try change your mac display settings. you may be able to get the window back to grab and move it. but it may be something else entirely - I do not use 10.10.

  • i sometimes have the same problem. to get the preview back i change the stage preview resolution to 2*2 pixel, then i'm abble to move the window to the center of my screen and go back to the original resolution.

  • Tech Staff

    Also try changing your global screen size resolution back and forth, that sometimes pushes it around, etc and tricks it to going back to a more usable area.

  • Thanks, Like artoo said I changed the stage preview to 200x200 (small) and that brought it down to be moved.



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