Isadora expert for Sydney project? or remote consults

  • Any experts in Sydney?
    Some things I can trawl/call for advice through the forum but might be good to have a single person consult through the process.

    I've a project coming up in June July and need some bits of expert advice in the lead up and probably during.
    I'll be using live camera feed, video capture to disk, mixing pre-recorded video with a few izzy actors, envelope generators. Sounds simple and it is generally speaking. It's for a one-to-one experience that uses visual-tactile feedback, scent, sound.
    I operate and perform the install myself. Need advice for problem solving - I've done proof of concept live tests but my quick and dirty pilot and patching needs finessing for aesthetics and processing power.

    Need advice on fixing webcam to static focus, body image distortion from fisheye and camera placement (perspective doesn't seem to cut it), body match blending so faces line up (not even sure if this is possible from izzy), triggering possibilities so I don't have to leave my participant (eg blob decoder for a gesture placement or a portable device), file management for captured video, memory and processor load management.

    I'm on mac book pro processor 2.3 ghz intel core i7; memory 8 gb 1333 mhzddr3; osx 10.6.8.