• Hi all.

    Would anyone have any ideas on how to count the number of frames that are being captured with the 'Capture Stage to Disk' actor? Currently using a trigger to start capturing and a trigger delay (5sec) to stop. Finding that the length and speed of the captures to change over time.

    If I could count 'frames' captured ( 5sec @ 25fps = 125 frames) and then use that to trigger the stop. The renders would then be more precise (in theory).

    Please excuse if this question is a little silly/impossible. Still getting my head around digital video.


  • Izzy Guru

    Yes they way I would do it is with a calculator and comparator actor. It is possible.

    As soon as you hit trigger to start the capture to disk then trigger a counter and connect it to a comparator actor. There may be a few frames delay in starting and stopping depending on your system. It would be interesting to see the results actually.

  • Thanks for the response.

    When you say 'counter' are you meaning the counter actor or something more free running like a envelope gen? (which I take it would suffre form the same 'time' issue)

    If its the counter any thoughts on how to trigger it with each frame?