• It is a part of the project. I prefer to stay on one scene and by clicking on a video thumbnail in the bin(control BinPicker) crossfade to that video. Look at the patch I made. It works mostly but gets messed up when I click on the video thumb twice.

    I am sure crossfading has been done many times. I know it is easy to do with activate scene but for many short clips it gets kind of messy.
    What you think?


  • I did a test with Activate Scene Actors but here I run into another difficulty.

    I could put every movie on its own scene and get buttons made on control panel for launch each of these movies. First it is a lots of work and I can not see how attach a view(thumbnail) to the button.
    I made a JPG of the size of my button and imported it into media bin. But when I try to put this on the button background it will display odd res. And this is stupid amount of time to spend on reworking the images.
  • Izzy Guru

    How about this one?


  • Thanks, Michel!

    Comparator and gates - looks and works great.

  • Hey Michel,

    I can't open that - running latest Isadora - can you attach an image of the patch?

  • Dear Alex,

    Are you sure you're running the latest version (1.3.0f24)? I opened Michel's patch no problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • @Mark You mean f.25. No problem here as well. 269d6e-untitled.jpg

  • Izzy Guru


    I made the patch on version 1.3.0f25. What version are you working with?


  • Thanks so much Michel!

    I know this is an ancient thread but I just want to say for anyone who finds this and is trying to convert Michel's patch to use the regular movie players and projectors and is experience the two videos fading up and down together...

    -Replace the CI Movie Player and CI Projectors in the patch with Movie Player and Projector actors
    -Make sure to invert the Scale Min and Scale Max values for the Intensity of one of the projectors (clicking on the actual word "Intensity" on one of the projectors)
          -So, make Scale Min = 100 and Scale Max = 0