For windows users with wiimote

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to connect a wiimote in Isadora (windows 7)  as a midi controller. I've install GlovePIE for this but i don't understand how it works.
    Perhaps someone can help me, 
    GlovePie recognize the wiimote but i don't understand the langage for scripting in the soft.
  • Tech Staff

    I have done this once, but unfortunately don't have any notes/files to help you with.

  • thanks DusX for you're answer, i'm new on windows....and i try to configure a new pc,and for a mac user, it's hard..hihihi.

  • Tech Staff

    When you get it working, if you could write a quick how to.. I am sure it would help other users.

  • yes......i will if i get it....and i've have an other problem with usb camera (logitech C615)...Isadora run with this camera when i launch, but when i close Isadora and re launch, it don't, i have to reboot make me crazy..

  • Tech Staff

    Sounds like for the Logitech that you may need to search for updated drivers.

  • I have the latest driver...upload saturday....perhaps, it's because i'm on a demo version with windows...i don't understand.....i will purchass an usb key licence for using Isadora on osx and windows