Performance problems with gpu actors, classic actors, photoJpeg

  • Discovered two playback hits that seemed quite significant, wondering if anyone has any advice

    Izzy 2.0.5
    OSX Yosemite 10.10.3
    Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2010)
    2x2.4 GHz Quad core Xeon
    20 GB 1066 MHz DDR3
    OS on 1TB SATA HDD 7200 rpm
    Content on 500GB SSD
    ATI Radeon 7950 with (2) vga ouputs at 1280x800 and (1) hdmi output at 1920x1080
    local monitor on second GT120 graphics card
    When using the new movie player and projector actors with gpu support, we found that our photoJpeg content played back far below our content frame rate.  We were dropping a lot of frames.  No effects, just a direct connection from movie player to projector.  We switched to the classic movie player and  projector, and found that they played back at our target frame rate of 30fps.  Is photoJpeg no longer the optimized file format for Isadora 2.0?  Or is there something about our system setup (see above ) that is a known issue?
    Isadora 2.0 classic movie player also seemed to take a significant hit to playback when playing back photoJpeg content with more than one movie even though we think it is AVFoundation compatible content.
    Basically we can't run the new actors because they take a big hit to frame rate and we have trouble with the older actors because they also hit our frame rate on some scenes with more than one movie player.
    Switching to Prores 4.2.2\. we had much better performance on the classic actors even though file size was much larger.
    We are running Isadora to a target fps of 60 and default resolution of 1920x1080
    The three content sizes playng at the same time are: one file at 1920 x 888 and two additional files at 1280x800 (all 30p)
    When we had trouble:
    codec: photoJpeg, quality 50.
    The content plays back close to 30 fps for the first portion where there are simple geometric white shapes. As soon as the content starts displaying more colors and detailed graphics (and the bit rate of the file starts to increase) the frame rate dips significantly.  Depending on the segment even as low as 6 fps. No additional processing or other actors are inline except an alpha channel .png mask in one projector. 
    We ran content from both an SSD and the internal 7200 rpm HDD and it showed the same performance sink. 

  • Did you try ProRes on new Movie Player? We ran extensive tests when Isadora v.2 came out and ProRes full HD 3-4 players at the same time worked very well. I think that PhotoJPG full HD is rather heavy task to drag by CPU.

  • i would double check your gpu configuration:

    do you use a local stage preview or monitor ?
    do you have any window on both gpu's ?
    if so the frames will be puhed back to the cpu which pushes it to the other gpu
    resulting in a lack of frames …

  • HAP is the better codec. I experienced huge performance increase using it

  • Dear @jbrem003,

    I'm catching up on my forum duties, as I've been quite consumed with new features and bug fixing. I'm sorry no one from the team responded to this post.
    First, Photo JPEG would not be the recommended codec when using the new movie player set to "performance." While AVFoundation can play Photo JPEG, that's not it's favorite codec. Given that you have an SSD, Apple Pro Res or H264 would be better choices.
    But what happens if you switch the optimize input to "interaction." When you do that, playback is handled by QuickTime instead of AVFoundation. Does that improve the situation?
    @DusX or @Primaldivine, can you gather further facts from jbrem003 and investigate this please?
  • Tech Staff


    Have you submitted this via the support page? Do you have an active support ticket? If not I will set one up for you and wee can investigate this further.