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    I'd post this as a bug but, as I know hardly anything about MIDI, I though I'd better ask here first.

    It seems to me that the maximum value that can be passed to the 'paramater' inputs of the Send Raw Midi Actor, (and other MIDI actors - I haven't checked), is limited to 127.  I can't set the MAX value of the input any greater.  Midi message values can go to 255 as far as I can ascertain.  (And indeed one of the three default 'hard-coded' values that the actor will send is greater than 127.)  Am I missing something?

    While I'm at it, the only reason I'm wrangling with MIDI in my project at all, is so I can trigger Applescript via MidiPipe.  This seems, at the very least, inelegant.  Perhaps there's some obvious-but-not-to-me reason why there isn't an 'Applescript' actor similar to the, very useful, 'Javascript' one.

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  • I believe Midi is a 7 bit protocol and only has 128 possible values (0-127).

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    DMX goes to 255?

    MIDI is maxed at 127 (its 128 - 255 in bytes though)

  • DMX does go to 255.

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    Maybe use the support page to suggest the applescript actor as a feature request.

  • Guys,

    Thanks for this.  I've done a bit more digging around and, indeed, MIDI /values/ only go up to 127.  But, status commands have the MSB set, I think, which, of course, makes the total value  higher than 127.  At the very least, it seems to me that the Raw MIDI actor should be able to accept parameter values that represent status commands.  I'm thinking to post it as a bug.

    DusX: I will request it as as feature but, as with my MIDI problem, I'm surprised that it doesn't seem to have come up before and, so, wonder if I've been missing something really obvious.



  • I think we have been happy with midi values 128. It has been always this and we have been designing stuff that in mind. However if you need wider range of values try to use Pitch Bend. That goes from -8192 to +8192 and is pretty useful in some places.

  • Vanakaru,

    Great tip!  I'd never have found it out for myself.


  • Dear All,

    @interluder found a bug, which I've fixed for the next release. The Send Raw MIDI actor was not passing values above 127, which it should do. As I said, fixed for the next release.
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