Masking with images for GPU actors in Isadora 2.0

  • Using izzy 2.0 for a show for the first time and having trouble with something:
    Trying to use new gpu movie player and projector, with image files and shapes to mask content
    I can't use the classic alpha mask or add alpha channel actors because they force playback to the cpu, and performance falls to unusable levels
    Using complex mask inside izzy map is not really viable for various reasons, including need to swap and change masks on the content without editing the projector, needing to fade and animate masks, etc.
    I tried using CI mask actors and QC mask actors, but as soon as I connect movie player output to CI or QC input of those actors, the output from movie player gets frozen on a single frame, even though position continues to scrub

    1) Does anyone have advice on the correct way to use image and movie files as masks with new gpu actors?

    2) Am I just doing something dumb that is freezing movies when I connect gpu movie players to CI actors?
    thank you!
  • Tech Staff

    Sorry. I don't have the links right now. But search the forum for ffgl chroma and alpha key plugins. A couple have been released and should allow you to do what you want. You will need to add them to your freeframe folder.. and they will appear in the ffgl toolbin folder.

  • There are some that may be helpful that come along with the resolume installation. I haven't had a chance to play with them yet. That's my plan for tonight.

  • Tech Staff

    Mark has released a few specifically for isadora. They are available in the forum. I just don't have the link since I'm on my phone.

  • Thanks found the link here: Looking forward to trying it out