• Sorry if there is a very obvious answer to this:

    How can I install the new 1.3.0f25 release and still have a functioning 1.3.0f24 at the same time... It seems I can't manually choose where to install the new version - it simply defaults to the application folder where there is already an Isadora folder. But when starting up Isadora after having installed 1.3.0f25 - it seems to be still version 1.3.0f24.
    Best, Jacob

  • I have many versions on my mac and can run these side by side. Your new version installer created a new folder most likely. Look in your Application folder.

  • I also have many versions. I simply add the version name to the app -- e.g., Isadora 1.3.0f24 instead of just Isadora -- and then run the installer. The installer won't erase the old one if it has a different name.

    And, for the record, on Windows it's a bit more tricky. Here, you must duplicate the entire Isadora folder at C:\Program Files\Isadora, giving it a new name. Then you uninstall the old version, and install the new one. Then, keep a shortcut to the two Isadora versions on your desktop, so that you can drag a .izz file to the one you want to open. (If you double click a file, it will _always_ open the most recent install.)
    Hope that helps,

  • thank you very much!