• I extracted a folder full of FFGL´s from an Avolites Media Server called Ai. But they don´t seem to work in Isadora :( Anyone knows why? They simply don´t appear in the FFGL tab in Isadora.



  • By the way they were extracted from a windows application! Could this be the reason?

  • Yeah. I can't find an osx version of Ai. My understanding is that the FFGl plugins do need to be compiled for the proper OS. So if there's no osx version of Ai, the plugins won't work. There are some good ones you can get out of the resolume demo.

  • Hello All,

    Mark here just to confirm: FreeFrame plugins are platform specific. You can't use Windows plugins on Mac OS X and vice-versa.
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  • So at least the "Windows Colleagues" can use them, zip attached!



  • the attached files seem to be mac plugins. Windows plugins have a DLL extension. the plugins however seem to be the same package you can get from resolume.

  • hi,

    This plugins works fine in windows, even if there have not .DLL extension.

  • @ pascal   great if they work in windows.

    @ LpMode they only thing i can tell they do not work on mac. And i don't have resolume to extract them:( but maybe i just download a trial version.

  • The Avolite plugins are proprietary to their own media servers.  (I have been told this before by someone that works there). They were not made with the intention of joining the FFGL community of plugins.  Avolite make most of their money selling their hardware/software combos. If you get some of them working it is more likely to be a case of good luck rather than that there is something wrong with the ones that don't work.