HAP Codec + Isadora = Magic!

  • @jhoepffner: Thanks. I am looking at HAP because of alpha.


  • I have had very good results.

    There is a typical mov settings with alpha

  • There is a typical mov settings with alpha 2a9bcb-hap-set.txt

  • @vanakaru 

    1\. After Effects I am using to export in HAP-alpha does not have any settings beside quality

    What workflow are using for HAP-alpha?
    2\. I just loaded the same file into Isadora, and they work. Isadora and computer were restarted after the above attempt. I don't know what to make out of it.


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    I use this and it's great...
    Free for Mac and Windows. 

  • @jhoepffner, I have had the same strange behaviour with .h264... the playback does not start and toggle on/off fixes it. Should probably file a bug report.

    @eight, I have successfully run HAP and HAPQ at very large spanning resolutions, but not HAP Alpha. Performance far outstrips ProRes in all my tests.

  • I found a couple of problems running HAP-Q. I don't know if they are bugs in the HAP codec or in the Isadora's player.

    1\. If I run two players with the same file, but different play regions, only first player works as expected, the other one's play head is stuck. I found a way to unstuck it: change the performance to interactive or vice versa on entering the scene.
    2\. One of the HAP-Q files stopped playing full length at some point, with no changes in Isadora patch: it would play only a few frames.

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    Please file a bug report... I would like to follow up on this ASAP.

  • I just reprogrammed an older show based on Isadora 2.0.5. I love the new interface but had a few findings regarding video playback. Not super scientific, but project specific.

    • quicktime PJPEG performance is now slower - my framerates dropped from 30 to 10 or 12 when playing 3+ clips (1280X960)
    • direct show (windows native playback) is fast but super glitchy when playing back hap encoded AVI files)
    • Setting the project resolution to the video resolution increased performance.
    • **** Turning off native windows playback (direct show) and using the quicktime engine with HAP encoded AVI files is the golden alignment for my work here. Faster than HAP quicktime files, no glitches, playback with minimal dropped frames with 4 streams even on my backup laptop (ASUS G75 w GTX760mx)


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    You should know that HAP is only support in Quicktime format.

    Although there is a directshow extension available from a 3rd party vendor, DirectShow playback has not been extended to support this extension. The only way to play HAP with gpu acceleration is as QuickTime.
    The DirectShow settings allow you to natively play 'wmv' among others.
    I really don't know why you would get better performance with Hap encoded avi's playing via quicktime. May simply be defaulting to something like pjpeg and have a smaller file size.