Isadora link with Unity5 by Syphon question

  • It is truly mind-blowing after I add the syphon plug-in in Unity and Isadora's actor suddenly recognised the Main Camera in my Unity Scene.

    But I still have a question about the input sync.
    In the Unity scene (a leap motion sample scene, cube wave), I could use Leap Motion to change the wave, to do that, obviously, I need active Unity program.
    The problem is, after I activating Unity, Isadora's stage will hide.
    Then if I bring the Isadora Stage out, (which means activate Isadora), the Unity program will be deactivated.
    So the real question is:
    How to let Isadora Stage appearing instead of hiding, when other program is running ?
    Thank you all, and thanks for your patient.


  • Have you tried with external monitor. Isadora stage should stay active there.

  • I'm working on the same kind of integration. It's exciting!

    External monitor works, but I agree that it's annoying that Unity freeze when you switch to another software.
    I need to find out if Unity can keep running in the background if you compile your code it instead of running it in the editor.

  • Hello,

    The solution to have Unity active every time is to go to "File/Build Settings"
    click on "Player Settings" and here choose "Run In Background"
    Voilà… Unity works in background, receives OSC etc.
    With that it works even in the editor.

  • Very helpful, thank you.

  • Thank you all, so the external monitor means, another monitor ?

    Does that mean I cannot test it on a single laptop, but have to test it with a external monitor, like a projector ?
    Yes Ubik, I like PKD too, especially Ubik! 

  • By the way, I also tried the PC version of Isadora 2.0, not like Mac version,  there are no Syphon Actors in it...

  • Normal, Syphon is Mac specific, try Spout and there is Spout plugin for Unity (not personnaly tested) .

  • Go to your local thrift store and buy yourself one or two used old LCD screens for $5.

    Yeah, Ubik is a real trip! Need to re-read it soon!

  • Dear @chenqiangpan,

    Remember, you can also turn of "Floating Stage Windows" in the Stage tab of the Isadora preferences. Then the Stage windows will not disappear when Isadora goes into the background. (It is a user interface default that floating windows are hidden when a program goes into the background.)
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @Mark,

    You are amazing, thank you for the reply and it works perfectly.
    By the way, I have another emergency question about purchase Isadora, because my project need use QC actor, so I required our faculty to update the Isadora from 1.3 to 2.0 on one of the laptop, and IT department said they have paid at last Friday, but until today, they are still waiting the purchase finished. The situation is, my project need be submit in next Monday.
    So, how long it usually takes for purchase isadora or the update ? If too long, I have to tell my lecturer and apply a due date expanding...

  • What university are you speaking of? Really, you should contact us via tech support on this. and choose "Orders" from the topic menu/dropdown.
    Best Wishes,