• I'm not sure if this is a specifically an Isadora issue, but a colleague of mine is doing a project where he is importing 700 looping animated gif's into an Isadora project.   Some of the gif's are working fine, but others are glitching or showing a black frame when they loop.  This is undesirable for the project.  Apparently (I haven't tested), the gif's loop fine when they are used in a different program.  I'm not sure how Isadora is dealing with the gif's and if it is something "under the hood" which is causing this, or if it is simply a product of the shear number of files involved.  It is not on my computer, so I haven't had a chance to fully problem solve it yet.  Obviously we want to avoid having to change all of the gif's into .mov files.  Has anyone had a similar issue?

  • Izzy Guru

    I am tempted to say this will be a file issue. Some softwares when creating gifs can dump a black frame - photoshop does I think? I can't say for sure though. It may need trimming ever so slightly.

    If I was you I would find one file that defiantly shows a black frame, convert it to .Mov and scroll through it in quicktime. You may see a black frame at the end.

  • Thanks for the reply Skulpture.  That was my original thought as well, but I tried trimming the files to only play 90% and they still glitch when they loop.  As we play more and more of the files simultaneously, it seems that more are starting to glitch, so it must be somehow related to performance.

    We are going to convert a handful of them to .mov and see if that helps.  Anyone know of a good way to batch convert from .gif to .mov?
  • Izzy Guru

    OK, well this is interesting. Ive not played with GIFS fora while in isadora so I will have to investigate. Could you upload one file of a gif so I can try it?

  • Dear All,

    Please have this person file a bug report and supply two or three of the problematic GIF files. Isadora uses QuickTime to import and play the GIFs. So, one quick test would be to try and play them in QuickTime Player 7 and see if it also shows a glitch.
    To submit a bug report, go to http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ and choose "Bug Report" from the topic menu/dropdown.
    Best Wishes,