• hi all

    i've got this patch that is very slow. it seems the kinect is really slowing it down. can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong
    i'm using a 2011 macmini5,2 intel core i 7. amd radeon hd 6630 with a 120gb ocz ssd and 16gb kingston ram

    best, ray


  • Dear Ray,

    Well, upon a quick examination, my guess is it's the combination of Crop actors and 10 Eyes actors all running at the same time on what I'm guessing is a 640x480 image from the Kinect. Do you really need that much resolution? Scaling the image down to 320x240 by setting the 'width' and 'height' inputs of the Image to Video actor might provide a very powerful improvement. (Or even 160x120... the smaller the better.)
    Again, from my quick examination, I think scaling in this way will not affect how your patch works.
    Please give it a try.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks mark i'll try your suggestion.


  • tried re-setting the kinect resolution all the way down to 160x120 with no improvement. when the patch is connected to the mouse watcher it works perfectly with no loss of fps

  • Beta Platinum

    Just out of interest is the kinect camera powered from an external power supply? Just wondering if it's the machine/USB bandwidth?

  • hi sculpture

    sorry for the late answer, had a million little things to finish before the opening. it has an external power supply.