• I'm in the process of moving my Izzy work off my Mac Pro and onto my Macbook Pro so yesterday I downloaded Izzy 2.0.5 and registered it and everything seemed fine. I then loaded a project and was told 2 actors are missing namely, Refraction and Slide.

    I checked the list of actors in Izzy and low and behold they are missing on my Macbook Pro but are in the actors list on my Mac Pro. Both Computers have 2.0.5 so why are the actors missing on my Macbook Pro?
    Is there something about the Macbook Pro's CPU that is incompatible with these two particular actors? AFAIK these actors are standard CPU based actors and not plugins so I'm surprised they're missing, can anyone shed any light on the situation please?
    Note, once I get this sorted and moved everything onto the MBP I don't have any intention of using the MP for Izzy. There doesn't seem to be a way of deauthorising the MP and I didn't want it to look like I was breaking the license agreement which is not my intention. I don't want to uninstall it until I've got this issue sorted.
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    You should be able to copy them across from your other machine?
    Not sure why they are not there, I have them in mine.
    Right click on Izzy Application and then follow the pathway in the image below.

    Please let me know how you get on.


  • I've just looked on the Mac Pro and Refraction and Slide do not appear in the Isadora Plugins directory either (unless they're named differently). But they are listed in the Actors sidebar. Bizarre.

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    Indeed you are right.

    Interesting. Leave this with me....

  • I've dragged the Mac Pro Isadora Application across the network onto the MBP and same issue missing actors.

    Strange one...
    Thanks for your help.

  • I use many mac's running my patches. I install Isadora on every one and all the Actors are present.

  • Here's a side by side.

    Left is my Mac Pro specs in sig, right is my new Macbook Pro 2015, 4 core i7, 16 GB, 1TB, M370x 10.10.3
    For some reason there are missing actors. I used the installer straight from Troika downloads, no errors reported during installation.
    Also included is a screen cap of the error message reporting that there are missing actors.
    The eagle eyed will also notice other missing actors too.

    074b95-actors.jpg 46f0c2-actorerror.jpg

  • I created a project on the Mac Pro and added all the Actors that weren't 3d, CI or QC and then opened this project on the Macbook Pro. These actors are missing,

    Chroma Key (ID = '4D434B59')

    Bloom (ID = '424C4F4D')

    BackDropKey (ID = '42434B44')

    Burn (ID = '4255524E')

    Chromium (ID = '4348524D')

    BackLight (ID = '424B4C54')

    ColorKey Simple (ID = '46523039')

    ColourWarp (ID = '434C5750')

    DeInterlace (ID = '44494C43')

    Dilate (ID = '444C5445')

    ColourReduce (ID = '434C5244')

    Dodge (ID = '44444745')

    Exclusion (ID = '4558434C')

    GaussianBlur (ID = '47424C52')

    FishEye (ID = '46534849')

    Glow (ID = '474C4F57')

    HalfTone (ID = '484C4654')

    Kaleidascope (ID = '4B4C4441')

    LionelBlur (ID = '4C424C52')

    Levels (ID = '4C564C53')

    LumaCycle (ID = '4C435943')

    LumaKey (ID = '4C4B4559')

    LumaOffset (ID = '4C4D4F46')

    MetaImage (ID = '4D494D47')

    Mixer (ID = '4D495852')

    PanSpinZoom (ID = '50535A4D')

    RectDistort (ID = '52445354')

    Posterize (ID = '50535452')

    RadialBlur (ID = '52424C52')

    Refraction (ID = '52464354')

    Smear (ID = '534D4552')

    Squash (ID = '53515348')

    Slide (ID = '534C4445')

    Solarize (ID = '534C525A')

    SpiralBlur (ID = '5350524C')

    Static (ID = '53545443')

    Stretch (ID = '53544348')

    Tile (ID = '54494C45')

    TimeBlur (ID = '54424C52')

    TimeSlice (ID = '544D534C')

    Vectorize (ID = '5643545A')

    TVPixel (ID = '54565058')

    TimeWarp (ID = '544D5750')

    Wave (ID = '57415645')

    Hopefully this information is useful. None of the above appear in the plugins directory in the App package.

    I'm guessing that Izzy doesn't recognise or like the model or stepping of the CPU in the Macbook Pro and doesn't load these actors from wherever they're kept.

  • Dear All,

    You need to download the Pete Warden's FreeFrame plugins. You can see the link by clicking "Related Downloads" on the page at http://troikatronix.com/download/isadora-download/
    These are open source plugins, so I cannot legally include them in the Isadora installer. You must download them separately.
    Best Wishes,

  • What a complete plum I feel!

    Of course, I'd forgotten to install the freeframe plugins!
    Cheers Mark.
  • Izzy Guru

    Yes sorry about that. I thought they came as standard now - my mistake. It's often the simplest things that trip us up! haha.