• Hi everybody, Im new to ISADORA..and fully involved in exploring its potential.. 

    I am looking for help in regards to an installation project.I have set up a infrared sensor through arduino into isadora, which is working very well with "Serial in watcher, a "Text Parser" and a "Comparator" Actors in order to set a minimum distance (value) to send to a "Trigger value" to turn on the video projection. So I put the Trigger (value 0) that goes to the "Position" command of the Movie Player. When the person get close to the sensor, the video starts and goes to the end, which is exactly what I want. I also put the "Loop" command OFF...
    Now my question is, when the video ends **how do I make ****the video jump back to the beginning of the video clip  straight away?  Any help would be kindly appreciated.. **


  • you're almost there. connect the output of that trigger value of 0 to both the position and speed of the movie player, then add a trigger value of 1 that is triggered by your comparator and outputs to the play speed of the movie player. should do it....

  • Thank you very much, I guess I followed correctly your suggestions and it works! At the end the movie goes back to the beginning, which is exactly what I was trying to do.

    I also simplified the patch, taking off a trigger connected to the Comparator "true" output and on the "Position" Movie Player input, which brings the movie back to the beginning during its playback.
    So what I have now is that the presence of a person starts the movie and it goes on to the end even if the person moves far and then come back, ore even if another person come closer to the sensor, which is perfect!
    Thanks a lot again and stay in touch!
  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks @dbini for your quick reply to @lucslike.

    Glad you have it sorted. Keep us posted :)