• Is anyone else having issues of SnapShots NOT working in 2.05?

  • Izzy Guru


    Just tested it and it works fine for me. Does it not work at all for you or not as it should?

    Best Michel

  • I am using the controls and have created a simple button to turn colorize on/off.  I set the bypass "on" and take a snapshot (I can see the actor bypass change to on or off) and then do the same thing with the "off" in a second snapshot.  When I attempt to engage either snapshot, neither works.  

    If the snapshot is not done using a control button, then it works.
    **Is the state not saved when sent via a control button?**  I have gone to the button settings and tried both the "Show value of linked properties" on and off and it still does not work. 
    Also, the "colorize" is in a user actor.  When I move it out of a user actor on to the scene directly, it works.  **Does a button control not pass the information along to be saved to the user actor level?**
  • Izzy Guru

    I just tested on a newer version (beta) and it works fine inside a user actor. Maybe submit a bug report for us to check in more depth.

  • Will do... thanks.

  • Dear @kdobbe,

    To test this I did the following:
    1. Create Movie Player -> Colorizer -> Projector
    2. Created a a toggle button, and linked it to bypass input
    3. Pressed button, turning 'bypass' on
    4. Take Snapshot 1
    5. Pressed button again, turning 'bypass' off
    6. Take Snapshot 2
    7. Click the two snapshots to test
    8. Everything worked as expected
    Is this any different than what you are doing?
    Best Wishes,